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Bringing about change together

At Starbucks, we think using reusable cups should become part of our daily routine. Whether we’re going to work, meeting friends, or just out and about, the reusable Starbucks cup should become our constant companion. Just like our phone, our wallet, or our house key.

Small change. Huge impact. Let’s tackle it – together. 

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Discount for those using reusables

As part of our efforts to encourage our customers to use reusable options, Starbucks Austria offers a 50 Cent discount on handcrafted beverages to anyone who brings their own reusable cup.

Guests who forego a disposable cup thus save save money, while also protecting the environment at the same time.

In all Starbucks Coffee Houses our guests can also enjoy their beverages in porcelain cups. 


Protecting the environment is vital to the future of coffee, coffee farmers and the world we live in. Starbucks is pursuing a number of sustainability commitments to help save our environment. Among other things, we want to reduce our waste by 50% by 2030.